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Downtown Mobile Medical Clinic
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Koinos Church
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Mobile Clinic
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LifeLine Community Dinner
Sat Jun 06 @09:00 - 11:30AM
Downtown Mobile Medical Clinic

King of the Mountain

This is where the armies meet;
swings now still in after-dinner gloom,
slides whose empty chutes gleam in young moonlight,
monkey bars lonely for monkeys.
Pavement pictures will be erased by overnight rain;
drop by drop, smearing smiley faces and animals
that only walk and stalk in imagination and chalk.
This is where you find friends
and lose them again to casualties.
This is where battles you fight for respect
and the right to play in the tower are held.
This is where you learn to fall,
and get up, and keep playing the game.
This is where you discover frogs,
the opposite sex, and life is unfair.
This is where you realize the meaning of life,
then it disappears with your childhood.
This is where that grassy hill in the meadow
that triples as a soccer or baseball field or another world,
is a mountain, and you could be king of where the armies meet.