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LifeLine Community Dinner
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O my G-d, why is my heart so barren?
For all I have planted,
my love bears no fruit;
no, my season of harvest never comes.

My fellow fieldworkers do not understand.
They go out and return home
to the arms of those who love them;
at the least, they have memories of love.
I go out alone, and return alone;
I lie in my bed alone.
None shares his arms with me.
None will hold me.

Do you who have love look on me with pity?
Do you tire of my cries,
the weeping grief over love
I will never have?
Do you blame me for my loneliness?

I see every flaw, in body and character.
I am an empty and ruined storehouse;
G-d built me and forsook me.
All the promise of plenty
is long-quitted.
None cares to see what could be.

Indeed, all that could have been
was passed over.
My foundations were sabotaged
before even being completed;
I was wounded before I could comprehend danger.

I look on myself with hate;
I murder myself over and over,
wishing to uncreate myself
and remake myself in my own image.
This burden of loathing and despair
spills itself into my quiet pillow.
I cry this judgment of loneliness almost nightly.

For surely this is judgment,
this is condemnation.
Despite all I have planted,
all I have worked for,
love remains a stranger to me.
This judgment means I am undesirable.

L-rd, why did you create me thus?
What mysterious purpose do you have
that I would be a woman
and none would recognize me as such;
that I would long so to share myself,
yet none would want me?
G-d of love, why can't I know love?

Hear my cry, O G-d,
and heal my barrenness,
lest my heart grow sicker
from hope deferred.