Lifeline This Week

Sat May 30 @09:00 - 11:30AM
Downtown Mobile Medical Clinic
Sun May 31 @05:00 - 08:00AM
Koinos Church
Fri Jun 05 @02:30 - 04:30AM
Mobile Clinic
Sat Jun 06 @05:30 -
LifeLine Community Dinner
Sat Jun 06 @09:00 - 11:30AM
Downtown Mobile Medical Clinic


245 calories in a cruller donut.
(Too late now.)

21 days since my last trip to the dollar store, where I spent
$30 on... what did I get anyway?

Six days of worked missed already this year because of being sick.
(Or depressed.)
Which reminds me...
Two weeks since my last suicidal thought.
(Not bad.)
Though it doesn't help when I remember it's been
16 years since I've last been kissed, and I'm
0 for 0 on experiencing love.

Three days since I've argued with someone, but only
four hours since road rage possessed me.

Nine months since I last used my WiiFit.
(I wonder if that has something to do with the 16 years...)

Three people showed up for the writer's meeting, and
seven came for the Appetizer Party.

Two hours at Ground Level with a good friend talking about life.

Tent City needs 233 more pounds of coffee, and I'm trying to get the word out on Facebook.
(Ah, social media - we won't talk about the amount of time spent on it.)

Over seven and a half years at my present job, and
three bosses so far.
(Every week feels like the death knell, though.)
Four weeks in a row I've stuffed
800 envelopes for a customer mailing.
Two papercuts.
(At least I have a job.)

Three years and three months since we closed on the house;
Three years and eight months since the last home burnt down, which meant
five months back at my dad's,
two adults trying to rebuild in
one room.

15 years since I graduated high school.
(Still feel very much the wallflower.)
One friend who's stayed constant since then;
One friend resdiscovered.

As for friends now - I've lost count.