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LifeLine Community Dinner
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Downtown Mobile Medical Clinic

Ode to a(n Unused) Turn Signal

I move over – I always do -
for the guy
in a bigger hurry than I,
in the hallway not made for two.

I think the jerks must have some kind
of radar
to tell them who the nice folks are.
Because nice folks aren't meant to mind

being pushed, cut off, or given
no thought to
by those unused to "please" or "thank you".
Jerks don't care if they're forgiven.

Unhampered by everyday need,
like knowing
which way the car ahead is going,
my ilk are the ones to concede.

But I admit, I grit my teeth,
turn bright pink,
yet only take revenge in ink.
Anything more would be beneath.

Common courtesy? I've a load.
Still lacking
uncommon grace to send packing
the mood that inspired this ode.