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LifeLine Community Dinner
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Downtown Mobile Medical Clinic

Poetically Incorrect

I'm supposed to be brilliant;
be flowing freeverse,
jerky---with purpose,
meticulous iambic pentameter.
But I just meander
along at my own pace.

Should I choose it, I should care
To make the couplet my formal wear;
but no ABABCC rules my lines
and rhymes,
if any,
are sporadic
and my verse ragged.

Too wasting of words in my careless lengthiness,
too short,
I am neither pithy nor eloquent.
And to add insult,
no particularly smart puns to be had.

A clever poem would make you think,
use its lines to underscore
some worthy point,
illuminate some emotion,
carve with ink some memory.
Cause you to wonder,
weather its witticisms
[are] obtusely ambiguous,
so deep
you cannot fathom its meaning.

No form.
No function.
No rhyme.
No reason.

So sue me.