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Where are the fault lines?

The heart is not two curved lines,
is not four chambers pumping life,
but is a road,
is a highway or side street or country lane.

Traffic stress, then fatigue.
Fractures form, spidering out.
Even cracks seek connection,
make a web of lines,
cradle to grave weakness.
Either caved in or torn away by more traffic,
chunks come up missing.
Ice it over, thaw it out,
it just gets bigger.

You can patch it up,
spread fresh tar blackly,
a new kind of scar to bump over.
Wait for the next gaping wound,
the next hole in the road
where the heart has cracked enough to open itself up.
Everyone wants it fixed,
no one wants to travel roughly over it.

And the road is pockmarked with scars,
punctured with fatigue,
that everyone can see and pretend to not notice.