Psalm III

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You are amazing, Lord.
I grow sick and weary
When I search my own heart;
I am overwhelmed at the lowliness,
At the blackness of the reflections of my heart.
Yet You press on.

Lord, I am fearful that I will grow hardened.
I do not want to return to apathy;
I want to be done with mediocrity.
You have drawn me closer
And made me sensitive to the touch of sin,
But I have lost my humility.
I struggle and still miss the mark,
Even to go back to where I was with You.

Lord, I need You!
I need You to break me,
To reveal again how much I need You.
I am desperate to know You again;
You did not create me to drown in the shallow end.

I will remember what You have done
And I will praise You!
You are my Abba Father, and I am Your weak child.
Please perfect Your strength in my life.