Psalm VIII

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Father God, I feel stretched
As far as the East is from the West.
I no longer savor my sin,
But neither do I cast it from me.
I have travelled a long mile,
Yet I see ten more before me.

Lord, what are You doing with me?
Where am I with You?
I want to turn off all emotion;
Still more do I want to be flooded with feeling.
How can I hate this sensitivity
While I continue to feel so shallow?
Please turn off my mind
Or let me think through something.
I'm tired of playing vulture to myself --
These lazy circles of
Self-pity and self-loathing nauseate me.

Heavenly Father, draw me out of myself.
Let me die to this false humility,
And raise me up in your image.
Establish me in Your house,
Where I cannot be shaken.
You are my hope everlasting.