Psalm XI

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O my G-d, how do I express
all you are to me?
All I can do is borrow
the words of others,
yet none suffice.

In this moment while you hold me
when no other will,
you are the companion I crave.
And though I may try
to give my heart to others,
it is always yours --
because you are the one I return to.
The only constant, bottomless well.

And I come to you
in the heat of my heartaches,
searching for absolution,
but you offer absorption instead.
You, who ask me to give you my heart
and in return you give me
the love that heals it,
makes it whole.
Surely this exchange will always be,
because you are steadfast and never-changing.

O my G-d, grant me such grace
as to lead others to that same well,
that spring where you meet us in our need.
And grant me, too,
the grace of never again mistaking
your love as second-best.