Lifeline This Week

Sat May 30 @09:00 - 11:30AM
Downtown Mobile Medical Clinic
Sun May 31 @05:00 - 08:00AM
Koinos Church
Fri Jun 05 @02:30 - 04:30AM
Mobile Clinic
Sat Jun 06 @05:30 -
LifeLine Community Dinner
Sat Jun 06 @09:00 - 11:30AM
Downtown Mobile Medical Clinic

The Haikus

False Promises
Lid ajar, waiting.
Thoughts of glazed doughy sweetness.
Damn box is empty.

Charred Remains
Transformative pops;
Attention interrupted;
Corn becomes cinders.

Eyelids sag from lack
of dark brown lifeblood in veins.
I. Need. Caffeine. NOW.

Ream a New One
Printer beeps warning.
Crisp white sheets have disappeared.
Filling tray beneath you?